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14th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

SERE2024 is an international conference organised by the European Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SERE), taking place in Europe every two years (see here). During the last week of August 2024, everyone working on the science, practice, and policy of ecological restoration will come together in Estonia, Tartu, to share knowledge and discuss the future of European nature. 

The SERE2024 conference in Tartu will serve as an excellent meeting point during this crucial time to develop the most effective approaches for the long-term recovery of nature. It offers an opportunity to foster the reciprocal exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from across Europe. The sessions will cover topics ranging from the theory and practice of restoring various ecosystems (wetlands, grasslands, forests, rivers, agroecosystems, urban and marine ecosystems) to the socioeconomic and political contexts of ecological restoration. Special focus will be put on discussions focused on the development of national restoration plans under the new EU law. 

During the conference, eLTER will host session 12.1. 'The added value of Long-term Ecological Research (eLTER) site network to upscale restoration'. The session aims to stimulate and dynamise the restoration hub within the eLTER community. Divided into three subsections, it will commence with the presentation of findings from an eLTER community-wide survey on restoration experts and projects, followed by audience feedback. The second part will feature speakers sharing experiences from diverse countries, and exploring their long-term knowledge in restoration projects at eLTER sites. The third part will foster an open dynamic discussion among participants, encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration brainstorming, and promoting and dynamising future activities within the scope of the long-term restoration expertise hub.

Session submission is by 1 April 2024. Read more about the conference and deadlines here.

When (times shown are in CET)
26 Aug, 2024 9:39 AM to
30 Aug, 2024 9:39 AM

Tartu, Estonia