Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

ACTRIS Science conference and course

ACTRIS announced two events in May 2021: 2 – 10 May (ACTRIS course + instrument / technology tutorials, on-line) and 11 – 13 May 2022 (1st ACTRIS Science conference, on-line).

The three-day open science conference aims to bring together members of different atmospheric science communities and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs e.g., in in air quality and climate research. The contributions are solicited on the topics covering all aspects of ACTRIS scientific activities.

The scientific topics include:

  • climate change              
  • air quality              
  • measurement technology development and innovation              
  • atmospheric composition and vertical profiling            
  • aerosol particles, trace gases and clouds              
  • harmonization of observations           
  • laboratory experiments               
  • mobile measurements (measurement campaigns and experiments)              
  • calibration/validation of satellite observations            
  • ACTRIS data usage in models          

The events are aimed at:

  • Research organizations and scientists in the field of atmospheric and environmental sciences               
  • Environmental Research Infrastructures and their staff               
  • Private companies developing scientific instrumentation or services in the field of atmospheric sciences              
  • Industrial end-users looking for new technologies/ services              
  • Air Quality Networks and end users of air quality data interested in enhancing their monitoring capacities and implementing newest scientific findings           


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02 May, 2022 to
13 Jan, 2022