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Caspian Basin in Transition Conference “Bridging Geosciences and Environmental Challenges”

The Caspian Basin in Transition Conference “Bridging Geosciences and Environmental Challenges”, held in Baku (Azerbaijan) from 3 - 6 June 2024. It is co-organised between the French-Azerbaijani University and CASPISNET, an international non-governmental network.

The conference focuses on the challenges faced by geosciences in a world in transition. It features the themes of georesources sustainability, geohazards prevention, and environmental resilience, resonating with COP29’s broader agenda on climate action and sustainable development, scheduled to take place in Baku later that year. 

In addition to the conference, 5 June will be devoted to either a visit to mud volcanoes, guided by a specialist in the field, or round tables themed “Science/Policy interface”. Contributions are welcome from all areas of geoscience research, not just those focusing on the Caspian Basin. Abstract submission, conference registration, mud volcanoes tour and round tables are all free of charge.

You will find a detailed presentation of the conference here.

03 Jun, 2024 to
06 Jun, 2024

Baku, Azerbaijan