Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

eLTER Sites and Platforms Forum

The forth Sites and Platforms Forum (SPF04) will take place on two days, Tuesday 9th May afternoon (13-16:30 CEST) and Wednesday 10th May morning (9:00-12:00 CEST).

The meeting is open to all eLTER Site and Platform personnel and other interested persons.

Registration link.

Draft program:

DAY 1 (May 9, 13:00-16:30)

·       Welcome and Recap from last SPF (Blaize Denfeld)

·       What's new in eLTER from eLTER leadership (Jaana Bäck)

·       Site categories (NN)

·       Standard Observations development  (Steffen Zacharias)

·       Working Group Overview and breakout discussions

o   Training

o   Governance 

o   Data  

o   Information clusters 

DAY 2 (May 10, 9:00-12:00)

·       Recap from Day 1 (Blaize Denfeld)

·       Site labeling (Paco Pando)

·       Service Portfolio development (Ulf Mallast/John Watkins)

·       Follow up from SPF activities and breakout discussions

o   Citizen science

o   Access programme: Unit costs

o   Tools

·       SPF next steps

09 May, 2023 to
10 May, 2023