Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

High Performance Data Analysis with R (EuroCC)

This course is focused on data analysis and modeling in R statistical programming language. The first day of the course will introduce how to approach a new dataset to get a better understanding of the data and its features. Modeling based on the modern set of packages jointly called TidyModels will be shown afterward. This set of packages strives to make the modeling in R as simple and as reproducible as possible.

The second day is focused on increasing the efficiency of computation by introducing Rcpp for seamless integration of C++ code into R code. A simple example of CUDA usage with Rcpp will be shown. In the afternoon, the section on parallelization of the code with future and/or MPI will be presented.

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26 Apr, 2023 to
27 Apr, 2023

Online and Prague, Czechia