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Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference

The SoilTemp consortium is organising the first Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference, ME&B 2022, in Antwerp from 28-31 March 2022. The event aims to be the first large international conference to put microclimate and its applications in ecology and biogeography on the center stage. We welcome microclimate enthusiasts with a broad variation in terms of spatiotemporal scales (from the centimeter-scale to the entire globe), ecosystems (from the Arctic to the tropics, from the desert to aquatic to marine ecosystems) and organisms (from plants, over mammals and arthropods, to microbes, and any other species). Topics include species distributions, ecosystem functioning, biogeochemistry and applications in agriculture.  Abstract submission will be open from 15 September – 30 November 2021.


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28 Mar, 2022 to
31 Mar, 2022

Antwerp, Belgium