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Additional support for eLTER: New eLTER project "eLTER EnRich", and a new HO staff member

10 March 2024

From March 2024, eLTER receives additional financial support from the eLTER EnRich project. This 3-year, EUR 1.5M Horizon Europe project will bridge the gap between the preparatory and operational phases of the eLTER ESFRI process, which have been severely constrained by various adverse force-majeure factors (including the COVID pandemic) since the start of the eLTER PPP and PLUS projects in 2020. EnRich will take eLTER to the operational phase by streamlining RI design, taking eLTERs cyberinfrastructure to the next level, further engaging and formalising service-hosting, and seamlessly linking eLTER projects to eLTER ERIC operations. 

The core objectives of eLTER EnRich are

  • To implement a systems engineering approach to better manage the complexity of the distributed RI’s System Architecture design

  • To implement the adopted eLTER RI scenario  (‘skeleton RI’ - SRI) with firmly hosted core- and other  services in support of main user groups, as a starting point for extensions during the eLTER RI operational phase

  • To take the eLTERs cyberinfrastructure to the next level and extend service capabilities in close cooperation with European ENV-RIs

  • To strengthen formalisation efforts for the eLTER ERIC

  • To achieve solid and sustainable commitments from service hosts and future ERIC Members

  • To seamlessly link eLTER projects to eLTER ERIC operations, build capacity in expertise and human resources, and strengthen user engagement in the RI

The EnRich project will be managed by the eLTER Head Office’s newest staff member, Dr. David López Herráez – welcome to the eLTER family, David!

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