Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

eLTER at the GEO-XIV Plenary

23 October 2017

Dr Michael Mirtl, Chair of eLTER and ILTER, is attending the event, along with representatives from related European environmental research infrastructures (RIs). On Monday 23rd, he spoke about European and global long-term ecosystem research (LTER) site networks during a side event coordinated by the ENVRIplus EU project.

During his talk, Dr Mirtl explained the potential for in situ LTER sites and networks to contribute to earth observation and remote sensing, including to initiatives such as EuroGEOSS and GEO-ECO. He also highlighted the integrated nature of LTER research and observations, in which many sites gather data on a wide range of ecosystem components, and he described efforts to integrate LTER with other research infrastructures and initiatives, e.g. through co-location and data sharing.

The side event was also an opportunity to explain the on-going development of the DEIMS Sites and Datasets Registry (DEIMS SDR), which provides a wealth of data on the sites, personnel and data related to long-term, site-based ecosystem research. DEIMS was described in more detail during another side event on Tuesday 24th.

A recording of Michael's talk can be found on the event's live stream (starts at about 4hrs 20 mins in, and runs for approx. 25 mins).

Michael Mirtl. Photo by Ari Asmi (ENVRIplus)