Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

eLTER PPP & PLUS first Periodic Review meetings

30 December 2021

The first Periodic review meetings of both eLTER PPP and eLTER PLUS took place at the end of October 2021. From the projects’ side, the coordination and Work Package leads were present, and from the Commission’s side the project officer, Pierre Quertenmont. Richard Bradshaw (University Leeds, UK) was an external evaluator.

The Review meetings consisted of a general introduction by the coordination, Work Package (WP) specific presentations by WP leads highlighting the most important outcomes of the work, and a short statement of the project’s impacts and financial status by the project managers.

Overall, the feedback was positive and comments were encouraging. Written reviewer comments were provided to help the eLTER team to refine its planning for the upcoming reporting period and in order to plan how to take into account the specific suggestions regarding the next steps of the projects.

In the course of the projects’ lifetimes, there will be three 18 month review periods, each followed by a review meeting. The aim of these meetings is to inform the Commission about the projects’ progress and to receive feedback and advice on how to best manage the projects.

Illustration of a tree representing eLTER