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Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
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LTER-Greece launches its new website

29 October 2021

LTER-Greece has finished updating its website and is happy to present its brand new look to the public. The online address remains the same:

Apart from a fresh new visual identity, the website also delivers updated fact sheets about all Greek LTER sites like: Koiliaris Critical Zone Observatory (established in 2004); Hydrological Observatory of Athens (established 2005); Pinios Hydrologic Observatory (established 2015); Samothraki Nature Observatory (established 2014); Navarino Environmental Observatory (established 2009); Samaria National Park (established 1962); Lesvos Biodiversity Observatory (established 2004); and Finokalia Atmospheric Observatory (established 1993).

You can find the most important information regarding success stories, selected publications, size of the sites, their location, research topics, key scientific and societal questions tackled by their teams, etc. Some general details about the vision, mission, ambitions and development of LTER-Greece is also available in a clean and understandable manner.

The point of contact for researchers and other interested parties is prof. Nikolaos P. Nikolaidis, located in Crete (

Screenshot from the new LTER-Greece website