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LTER's potential to contribute to GEO discussed at symposium

13 June 2018

At the GEO Symposium plenary this week (World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, 11-12 June 2018), Michael Mirtl presented ILTER and eLTER. In the session addressing gaps in the coordination of in-situ terrestrial observations, speakers reported on their network's data, main user communities and envisaged benefits from improved coordination of the in-situ component of GEO.

Michael described the data services that the European LTER (eLTER) is taking the lead in developing. He also explained LTER´s open data policy. During his talk, Michael explained some of the critical coordination issues with respect to a global terrestrial observation system, which include the absence of appropriate global level funding mechanisms and interactions between environmental research infrastructures and regular environmental monitoring. Efforts in the GEO context also need proper staffing as is in place for the Global Climate Observation System.

From left to right: Steven Ramage (GEO secretariat), Simon Egglestone (GCOS coordinator), Michael Mirtl, Jouni Heiskanen (ICOS international affairs), Hiroyuki Muraoka (Asia-Pacific BON chair)