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National comms team: Expanding the eLTER communication and dissemination network

6 April 2022

Around 30 representatives from the 26 eLTER countries make up the National comms team (NCT) as the next stage in the strategic communication and dissemination development of eLTER.

The team has three main specific tasks: to further distribute the eLTER projects’ news across their communities, to focus more attention on the research and work being done by each national network, and to gather better knowledge of the specific communication difficulties and opportunities in each country.

The NCT will develop a list of potential local organisations through which eLTER could boost its audience and message reach, including science media outlets, online forums, NGOs, research and education institutions and government bodies. Additionally, an overview of the national news and ecosystem landscape will be made to assist in tailoring communication to specific countries and to raise awareness of eLTER and its impact on local ecosystems, research, society and policies.

The first meeting of the NCT was organized on 23 February where an overview of the NCT strategic mission was discussed and four initial tasks proposed. The team will meet twice a year, and will also establish a direct internal communication channel for everyday use and “fast response”. This is an important stepping stone for eLTER as it will help distribute its influence and work across its seven stakeholder groups in all 26 countries.

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