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Restore4Life launches Call for Associated Regions

8 March 2024

Restore4Life* just announced its Call for Associated Regions!

The Call seeks at least 5 Associated Regions** to provide them with technical assistance for utilising Restore4Life's outcomes and knowledge to prepare roadmaps, plans, and projects for wetland ecosystem restoration in their territory. This will involve the twinning of each Associated Region with a similar demonstration site and the provision of technical advisory services necessary to prepare roadmaps, plans and projects to restore ecosystems in the associated regions addressing possible barriers and showing the feasibility of implementing innovative solutions. 

Each region may apply for a grant of up to €100,000 to foster new opportunities and partnerships. This initiative targets Local and Regional Authorities for collaboration.

Learn about the eligibility criteria and the assessment process here.

The deadlines for apllication are presented below. The Call is open by 29 May 2024.

Restore4Life, a Horizon Europe funded project, will address the crises in the European wetland sphere through the development of a “Restore4Life Wetland Restoration Decision Support System” at the Danube Basin level. The service will be based on a shared vision for wetland restoration, including co-creation and co-development of tools that will allow local stakeholders and actors to be actively involved in restoration works and will help local businesses to adopt new activities through nature-based solutions supported by new generation of data analysis tools.

** Associated regions are understood as “areas with similar ecosystems (e.g., neighbouring regions and/or regions in a different river basin and/or less-developed regions, to build capacity to implement the innovative solutions) and abiotic, biotic and socio-economic conditions to at least one demonstrator site of Restore4Life.”