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Trnava LTSER platform, Slovakia, becomes sixth pilot LTSER platform

27 October 2021

The international team of researchers working to advance the eLTER data service portal concept and pilot socio-economic and environmental data welcomed a sixth LTSER platform to the fold.

The eLTER Slovakian partners, ILE SAS, responsible for the task in eLTER PLUS focused on "Harvesting of official statistics", decided to join the five funded pilot LTSER platforms as they were effectively half-way there when completing their task.

The six platforms are tasked with determining stakeholders' needs for standard socio-economic and environmental data. efore approaching stakeholders, the team decidedthat it was necessary to determine what data it was possible to deliver. The team started in January this year and first attempted to find national sources for all forty six essential socio-ecological parameters suggested in the discussion document delivered in eLTER.

To date the team have determined that national data for the 46 standard observations are not available in any of the six countries represented, indicating that a central hub may perform a useful service to the community. During the summer the team collated all the data possible and in the autumn plan to consult with stakeholders in their respective platforms to determine what would be the most useful eLTER service for managers and planners.

Trnava LTSER platform